S3ETRAC service version

The current version of the S3ETRAC service is V5.00. It is operated since 10-July-2017 11:30 with the following configuration baseline:

  • Processor version 5.00 (10/07/2017)
    • SLSTR processing –Data validity check based on exception flags now limited to channels involved in data selection criteria
  • ADFs - since S3ETRAC processor version 4.00 (17/02/2017)

Previous processor versions:

  • Version 4.01 (04/04/2017),
    • SLSTR/DESERT processings – Exception management for the selection of the warmest Tpeak when 2 or more peaks are found in the BT12 histogram criterion
  • Version 4.0 (17/02/2017),
    • SLSTR/DESERT & SNOW processings – bug fixed to manage channels without records during statistics computation
    • SLSTR/SNOW processing – “BT histogram” criterion removed
    • SLSTR/SUNGLINT processing – “Distance from a cloud” criterion activated
  • Version 3.0 (05/12/2016), OLCI and SLSTR – Statistics are strictly calculated over desert and snowy sites
  • Version 2.03 (03/11/2016), SLSTR - exception management of sites larger than the HSI - stop of the processing
  • Version 2.02 (26/10/2016), OLCI & SLSTR bug fixed - version field changed to 02 in the product name
  • Version 2.01 (25/10/2016), OLCI - bug fixed - correction applied on the writing the "IPF OLCI L1 version" attribute in the S3ETRAC output file
  • Version 2.0 (11/10/2016), initial version operated in S3MPC including the following changes
    • An increased list of sites processed by S3ETRAC, with CEOS-<sites> and RAL-<sites>
    • New names for CNES sites, i.e. SADE-<sites>
    • S3ETRAC processing updates
      • Sentinel-3 Manifest file generated by PUG/PDGS now supported
      • Interpolation of the scattering and wave angles modified in OLCI processing
      • SLSTR Rayleigh “Threshold on distance from a cloud” criterion activated for products generated with IPF version > 06.04
  • Version 1.x, successive versions operated during the Sentinel-3 commissioning phase.
    • Only CNES sites processed
    • Various bug fixed
    • Adaptations performed to process SLSTR L1 products due to issue on the summary_cloud and pixel_absent flags.

Previous ADFs versions:

  • ADFs applicable from processor version 2.0 to version 3.0: