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ODESA CFI software

The ODESA software supplies the source code of the MERIS Level 2 ground segment (MEGS) embedded in a graphical user interface. It allows users to launch MERIS processing as well as implementing their own alternative algorithm.

This software is available to any scientist using MERIS data for validation and exploitation of the mission. The user must first fill in and sign a formal registration form, including commitment to the licence terms.

The distribution package of the ODESA CFI software version 1.2.4 contains the MERIS release 8.1 level 2 source and binary software, required libraries, Auxiliary Data Files and GUI. A test data set is delivered within the package, allowing testing the local installation. This package allows running the nominal MERIS level 2 software (identified as the reference configuration in the delivery package) and run user-modified MERIS level 2 software (modified configuration including possible LUT overwriting and intermediate breakpoints).

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Currently supported computer platforms are:

  • Linux kernel 2.4+ (32 or 64 bit)
  • For Windows OS, you can install a virtual machine with Linux as a guest in order to run the Linux version.
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