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Validation and Qualification

Validate your algorithm and get it qualified to access the MERIS on-line processing

A protocol, approved by the MERIS QWG, allows users to validate their MERIS level 2 processing update(s). The basis of this protocol will be the comparison of their results with the nominal MERIS level 2 results and/or in-situ data through the MERMAID matchups database. Once a user has its own customised level 2 processor ready, he may have access to a database of matchups (a MERMAID data set, selected by user request and under configuration control, will be made available), allowing him to compare its results with those obtained with the current official MERIS level 2 processor. The next version of ODESA will allow the processing of direct MERMAID extractions that contains all information to produce the level 2 data, instead of processing MERIS level 1b products. When the comparison is completed, the user may ask for a "Qualification". The "qualified" status is required for an implementation request of the customised processor in a dedicated processing cluster (e.g. ESA Grid Processing on Demand or ACRI-ST cluster) for a mass processing task (e.g. several months of processed data). At the end of this process, the new products may also be stamped as ESA supported products and made available to the whole Ocean Colour community. The updated part of the MERIS processor may also be implemented as a new option in a next release of the on-line and source code distributed processor.

Click HERE to access to the MEris MAtchup In-situ Database